Get Serious About Privacy: 6 Tips for Small Businesses

Posted on January 4, 2014 in IP & Social Media

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Does your business have a privacy policy? If not, depending on your business, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law . . . or of customer expectations.

Here’s a handy article with links to sites you should know, such as Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, plus six tips to keep in mind as you consider developing your privacy policy:

1. Take inventory of the personal information you collect and store. This also includes any trade secrets of other businesses that you may possess.

2. Analyze how safely you use and store this data. Don’t make it easy for hackers by scrimping on data security.

3. Make sure you’re complying with industry or federal laws. Strong privacy policies and practices may be mandatory if your business is governed by certain government or industry regulations.

4. Post a privacy policy that is clear and comprehensive.

5. Have your policy reviewed by an attorney or by a privacy seal program.

6. If you have employees, make sure their personal information is protected, too.

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