What Are the Best Logos For Your Business?

Posted on April 22, 2014 in Business Essentials

I need your help.

I’m no marketing expert, but I know what I like. Clean, fresh design that magically captures the essence of what the business is trying to achieve/be/do.

But knowing how to choose a logo is beyond my expertise.

So here’s my quandary, dear readers: I need a logo for my business.  I know what I like, but it isn’t about me, now is it?  It’s about you, my clients, and customers and what makes them feel comfortable … confortable enough to entrust their hard-earned dollars with my products and services.

In words, I want a logo that conveys solid expertise with approachability; that’s elegant (without being stuffy) and projects a “you are safe with me” feeling while also conveying creativity.

I received a number of business logo designs and would welcome your feedback on

  1. Which design do you like best, and
  2. Why.

I’m delighted to give a shout out (and trackback) to all who respond, so please weigh in!

Here’s the PDF with 7 logo designs (ignore the cover and back page). Colors are open for discussion, too.


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