My Trademark Was Granted–I’m Done . . . Right?

Posted on December 13, 2014 in IP & Social Media

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Oh, it should be so easy.  Let’s face it, if securing and protecting trademarks were simple, any fifth-grader would be able to do it.

You’ve had sleepless nights coming up with that oh-so-fabulous brand that will rock the world (or at least your market niche). You sweated out the search process, making sure that no one else is using the same or similar mark in the same (or a similar) way. You drummed your fingers incessantly, waiting months for the Trademark Office to respond to your application. You tore your hair (or bit your fingernails) over the seemingly picayune alterations they wanted you to make to the application in order to get it through (not to mention the possibility of paying more in filing fees). You held your breath during the publication phase of the process, closing your eyes and praying to any deity that would listen that no one would object to your application. Finally, you got what you thought was the Holy Grail of trademark protection: the “R-circle” (®).

Can you breathe now?

Yes and no.

In her post, “My Trademark Was Granted–I’m Done . . . Right?” my colleague, e-business lawyer Deena Burgess, Esq., tells you what’s up ahead, and what you need to anticipate.


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