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Posted on December 27, 2014 in IP & Social Media, Planning & Advisors

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OK, I confess.  I may have conquered the art of posting regularly to Making it Legal, but I still feel overwhelmed at times about moving through the world of social media.  Like I don’t have enough on my plate already?  It reminds me of my sister-in-law’s recent birthday party.

The whole clan (there were nearly 20 of us!) got together at Carmine’s Restaurant and sat around a huge table.  First came the garlic bread.  Then the antipasto.  Then the Caesar salad.  Then the fried zucchini strings.  Then the penne with tomato sauce and pesto tortellini.  Then the chicken with mozzarella cheese.  The broccoli rabe with garlic.  Then dessert:  biscotti and chocolate mousse cake.  Frankly, by the time the pasta came around, I was done.  But I kept eating.  It was so scrumptious.  I was so full I could barely breathe . . . and felt just this side of sick!  I walked out of the restaurant v-e-r-r-y slowly.  I just couldn’t digest it all.

When dealing with social media, there’s so much to digest and understand–especially to use it effectively.  That’s where I’m thrilled to have my own social media Sherpa, Lena West.  She has a helpful post (yeah, OK, it’s from last year, but the advice is solid) on social media time management that bears reading.

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