Law Questions about Transfer of Ownership and Closing a Business

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

An award-winning small business attorney in New York City, Nina is a sought-after professional speaker and Entrepreneur Magazine online contributor. She is the go-to counsel for knowledge economy and creative companies, delivering legal services and educational resources that save them time, money, and aggravation.

Posted on March 27, 2015 in Form a Company

business lawyer blogMany entrepreneurs have law questions about the process of transfer of ownership and closing a business. Sometimes, the transfer of ownership takes place in the context of a company merger or company acquisition. Other times, you may just be looking to sell a corporation, and that’s where a stock transfer takes place.

Want to know more about the transfer of ownership and closing a business?  From my Ask Entrepreneur column, here are law questions about transfer of ownership and closing a business that other entrepreneurs have had—and maybe you do, too!

  1. How can I transfer stock from an old business partner?
  2. Does buying a business name mean a transfer of ownership for the business?
  3. How can I close a corporation that never got off the ground?
  4. How to sell a corporation that’s doing good business?
  5. Are there obstacles to company ownership if I’m not a U.S. citizen?
  6. In a stock transfer, can Subchapter S Corporation stock be “unretired”?
  7. Can a company merger involve businesses in different countries?
  8. How to close a business—both an LLC and an S Corp?
  9. How can you transfer stock between directors of a corporation?


What other law questions do you have about transfer of ownership and closing a business?


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