What to Consider When Deciding on Your DBA – And Why It’s Important

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

An award-winning small business attorney in New York City, Nina is a sought-after professional speaker and Entrepreneur Magazine online contributor. She is the go-to counsel for knowledge economy and creative companies, delivering legal services and educational resources that save them time, money, and aggravation.

Posted on May 16, 2015 in Business Essentials, Form a Company

A DBA – or Doing Business As name – will keep your business in good legal standing, so it’s a good idea to file a DBA as soon as possible after launching your company. The DBA or Fictitious Business Name designation was created as a form of consumer protection, to prevent business owners from operating under a separate name to avoid costly legal trouble.

To receive your DBA, it’s a simple matter of filing some paperwork with your Secretary of State. But, have you ever thought of why you are filing a DBA? And what you may need to look out for as a small business owner or entrepreneur? There are a few things you want to think carefully about – including how you will manage financials and what you need to discuss with your attorney and accountant regarding your new name. Are you considering selling your business eventually – or at least setting up your operations and processes in a way that will make it easy to sale? It’s imperative that you give careful considerations to your DBA name in this process.

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