Keeping Unscrupulous Business Partners at Bay

Posted on June 7, 2015 in Disputes

It’s not just business partners that can be unscrupulous, as the article “9 Ways to Keep Hucksters, Schucksters, and Slimeballs at Arms Length When Starting Your Own Business” deftly points out.  There are creepy clients, promise-the-moon marketers, and flaky vendors who are out there, ready to infect the naive with their less-than-full-integrity way of conducting business.

As I’ve cautioned in this blog before, the article instructs nascent business owners to tread carefully, do due diligence, get the relationship in writing, and consult an attorney for guidance on the process, among other things.  Significantly, it wisely cautions readers to believe what they see.  Don’t hide your head in the sand — especially when it comes to ethical problems.  Nip it in the bud right away, or cut the ties and move on — fast.  The time and aggravation you save will be immeasurable.

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