Sink Your Teeth into This, Dentists!

Posted on June 21, 2015 in Events & Resources

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emyth-book-dog-ear.pngI am a real fan of Michael Gerber’€™s The E-Myth (Revisited). I’€™ve used it in my own law firm, Paltrowitz & Kaufman LLP; I’€™ve used it as a teaching tool; I recommend it every chance I get.

So I’€™m jumping at the chance to alert you to his article, “The E-Myth for Dentists,” in the May 2007 of Dental Economics. Don’€™t let the dental focus take you out. Its wisdom can apply to any service-based business. And it’€™s a particular challenge for service-based businesses.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gerber, he opened up a whole new world of thinking about business when he originally published his book. His approach (and underlying question) is a thought-provoking one: how can we make sure that we deliver the same excellent service to our clients on a consistent basis. If your response is, “€œI don’€™t know; it’€™s not like I’m flipping hamburgers or something,” run€“ don’€™t walk to the nearest bookstore (online or off) and read it! It will get you to think more systematically and professionally about your business.

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