Celebrity Strategic Alliances

Posted on June 29, 2015 in Strategic Alliances

Hot off the press — security company and long-time golf supporter ADT announced yesterday that it was forming a strategic alliance with golf legend Greg Norman, a World Golf Hall of Fame member, and winner of 91 international golf titles.  Through the alliance, Norman will help with promotions and advertising, as well as give public appearances.

As more and more celebrities have become entrepreneurs, they have been able to lend a business acumen to their star status, making them attractive candidates for alliance relationships.  Greg Norman’s entrepreneurial achievements are considerable, including serving as Chairman and CEO of Great White Shark Enterprises (a company he started) and Greg Norman Golf Design.

Other celebrities and entertainers have also gotten on the entrepreneurial bandwagon.  For example, rapper Kurtis Blow (now Pastor Kurtis Blow) has formed a cross-promotion alliance with Christian hip-hop artist Urban D (Pastor Tommy Kyllonen).  And singer Beyonce formed an alliance with Wear Me Apparel for a new clothing line.  It seems that superstardom may be fleeting, but entrepreneurship is eternal!  Psychotic.


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