Play to Your Strengths and Outsource the Rest

Posted on April 26, 2016 in Video/Audio

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Yes, that’s the advice of most of the “success gurus.”  Figure out what you do well–and what you enjoy doing–and leave the rest to someone else.

Listen in to my conversation with Rosalie Lober, PhD., author of the newly-released Run Your Business Like a Fortune 100: 7 Principles for Boosting Profits. We cover:

  • Rosalie’s case study of Terra Plantworks, which grew revenue from $3 million to $11 million in three years, by letting go of less-profitable business divisions–and how Terra came to that decision
  • The importance of having a fully-integrated business
  • Three key steps to doing your due diligence on any strategic alliance partner
  • The top three problem areas for most strategic alliances (and, yes, how a written agreement can alleviate them)

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