A New (and Free!) Resource for Online Entrepreneurs

Posted on June 25, 2016 in Events & Resources

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Last week, the American Bar Association launched a new online resource to help individuals and small business owners with questions about setting up, launching and operating an online store or other e-commerce venture. As reported in Computerworld.com, among the sections covered at SafeSelling.org are obtaining a domain name, selling out of state and how to verify who your customers are.

SafeSelling.org is a helpful resource, but not one that can answer every question. For example, the site talks about the kinds of terms and conditions that should be included on your website (€œwarranties, delivery terms, and return policies, in addition to any legally-required terms, based on the nature of the transaction). But it doesn’€™t provide you with the legal language to communicate those terms clearly.

So by all means, visit the site. Learn a little. It will provide you with a good overview. Once you’€™ve done so, be sure to visit your attorney, who can help you craft the language that will protect you!

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