Interviewing Alicia Marie Fruin–Building a Business Worth Having

Posted on January 9, 2017 in Planning & Advisors, Video/Audio

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What struck me about my conversation with Alicia Marie Fruin, a national leader in coaching and training for small-business owners, and founder of, is that she so quickly zeroed in on where entrepreneurs get stuck. Stuck in doing everything ourselves because we can’t see a way for our company to expand past our limited skill sets. Stuck in not having a “duplicatable” business–that is, one that can function (and generate money for you) even when you’re not there.  (Hey, I’ve been there, done that and bought the T-shirt.)

Is your business worth having? Would you want it if it weren’t yours? Alicia has been an entrepreneur for almost 20 years, and has coached managers, presidents and sales professionals for more than a decade.  So listen in as we talk about what got her going, what she wished she knew when she first started and a legal cow pie she got thrown into because she was too quick to offer suggestions.

Also check out Alicia’s “Ask An Expert” podcast series, available at

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