IRS Phone Forum–Free!–on May 21

Posted on February 20, 2017 in Events & Resources

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From the people you love to hate, the IRS is offering a phone forum on Wednesday, May 21. All you need is internet access and a separate phone line. For registration information, visit the IRS Site.

Here is what the forum will cover:

Learn what you need to know as a small business owner:

  • Classifying workers as employees or independent contractors as determined by law, not the choice of the worker or business owner;
  • Depositing federal withholding employment taxes, called trust fund taxes, according to the appropriate schedule;
  • Making quarterly estimated tax payments to cover your own income tax and social security self-employment tax liability;
  • Keeping good records to protect your personal and financial investment and to make tax filing easier;
  • Considering a tax professional to help you with Schedule C;
  • Filing and paying your taxes electronically; and
  • Avoiding abusive tax avoidance schemes such as the IRS’s 2008 “Dirty Dozen.”

There will be a question-and-answer session after the presentation. Be sure you register and get your pin number for access. Times are listed on the link as well. Sign up now and put yourself and your business on the right path!

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