How to Lease Office Space–A Saga in 3 Parts

Posted on February 23, 2017 in Business Transactions

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From the “I-couldn’t-have-said-it-more-thoroughly-myself” department, here is a series of helpful posts from Texas attorney Ryan Roberts (“The Startup Lawyer”) on the ins and outs of leasing office space (and not getting ripped off in the process).

Part 1: Why much of what is in a lease is not boilerplate, despite the microscopic print. Understanding the ways that commercial real estate brokers (whom Roberts refers to as “tenant reps”) can help your business… and when they might not be putting your interests first.

Part 2: Fourteen provisions to consider negotiating before your company signs a commercial lease for office space.

Part 3: Eight of the not-so-obvious terms that can bite you if you don’t address them.

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