Basic Training: (A Little) Night Reading: Great Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq., owner of Ask The Business Lawyer, is an award-winning business attorney, speaker, and Entrepreneur Magazine online contributor. She saves consulting and professional services companies time, money, and aggravation by serving as their outsourced legal counsel.

Posted on April 6, 2017 in Business Essentials, Events & Resources

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Yes, your time is at a premium . . . but all it takes is one great idea, one spark of inspiration to really heat up your company, right? And what better way to get that than reading about some of those deep in the trenches of entrepreneurship?

Here’s Bootstrapper’s list of must-read blogs for entrepreneurs. Full disclosure, the list is a little old, and some of the blogs may not be posting regularly any more.

But when I was poking around, as an example, I came across Pamela Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation (which keeps very current) and was really inspired by her post, “How do you want to lead your life?”  She engages in the subject, “What does leadership mean to you?” I, too, have bought into the traditional leadership model of “the power of numbers”: what I earn, the size of my company, the size of my database, the number of speaking engagements I do a year, the amount of my sales. The bigger the better. And to the extent that the numbers are not as large as I want them to be (who says size doesn’t matter?), I feel I’ve fallen short of the mark. Yet, Slim’s post reminded me that that’s not the only perspective on leadership.

You see, all it takes is one chance encounter to shift your thinking!

Many thanks to Ryan Roberts for sharing the list.

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