Strategic Alliance Sandtraps

Posted on April 24, 2017 in Strategic Alliances, Video/Audio

So you’re hot to trot with a strategic alliance.  You’ve chosen the alliance partner; you’ve decided what you want to do.  What can go wrong now?  How about looking at whether your employees are on board with the whole thing?

For any of you who have ever golfed (or seen a golf course), the experience of badly-functioning strategic alliances (aka JV partnerships) is a lot like getting stuck in a sand trap.  If you don’t know how to hit the ball properly, you can end up S-T-U-C-K there, repeatedly swatting at the ball, spraying sand all around and making a totally mess … while the ball only hops a few inches this way or that without giving your business the lift you wanted to get from the strategic partnership.

How can you avoid getting stuck?

Listen in as we interview Colette Ellis, founding principal of Instep Consulting LLC, based in New York City.  Colette has extensive experience dealing with employee motivation and retention, so she knows how an alliance can make employees feel insecure, out of the loop, and fearful of their future. She offers some helpful tips for communicating with transparency and strategy.

Podcast: Strategic Alliance Sandtraps

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