Choosing the Right Network Marketing Business Partner-Part 2

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Business Partners, Strategic Alliances

As I mentioned in Part 1 of “Choosing the Right Network Marketing Partner,” my first mistake was entering into a business that I knew nothing about (and neither did my partner).  Here’s another lesson I learned from my network marketing foible:

  • We were in it only for the money.  I was looking for a quick fix — I’ve had my eye on a larger apartment and, frankly, the easy cash would have been nice.  I think Grace was, too.  She’s a financial planner; I’m a business attorney.  The NM opportunity was for a liquid nutraceutical (in other words, a really cool, nutritious juice).  Juice is not something that easily integrates into either of our businesses.  What — here’s a contract; want a juice while you’re sitting there?  By contrast, an acupuncturist colleague is part of a herb-and-vitamin network organization which works well for her, because herbs and vitamins dovetail seamlessly with her holistic health practice.  It makes sense.  Juice and employment manuals?  Juice and investment strategies . . . not so much

What else did I do wrong?  Tune in for Part 3!

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