Measuring Your Article Marketing ROI

Posted on July 8, 2017 in IP & Social Media

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“You can’t change what you can’t measure,” my friend and colleague Rochelle Lisner of Dynamic Business Growth often says. That becomes particularly thorny in the nebulous world of networking and marketing. Sure, it’s “easy” to make the comparison when you’re comparing dollars for dollars–for example, “I spent $1,000 on a journal for an event, and I was contacted by two clients who each paid me $5,000.”

But when you’re comparing time to dollars, how do you know that the time you’re spending is really worth it? In a word, “quantify.”

That’s where I found Dan Janal’s article, “Return on Marketing Investment for Articles,” intriguing. Article marketing is often touted as a way of highlighting your expertise, getting your name known and increasing your outreach. (I should know–I’ve written many myself.)

But with articles, there isn’t always a direct correlation between submitting an article and immediately having a customer buy your product or service in response. Janal’s article includes two formulas you can use to determine your return on marketing investment from your articles. These can help quantify whether article marketing–and the way you’re going about it–are really providing value to your business.

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