Choosing the Right Network Marketing Business Partner-Part 4

Posted on July 11, 2017 in Business Partners, Strategic Alliances

What kind of a schmuck agrees to  front the money and only take 50% (me, obviously).

And another lesson from the “why didn’t I see this coming?” department:

  • We couldn’t agree on a business name.  Sounds crazy, right?  We kept going back and forth with different names for the business — Grace wanted one that was more esoteric, more in keeping with the exotic origin of the juice; I wanted one that would be found by search engines.  We spent a couple of hours going back and forth over this, with no resolution (ultimately).  Sheesh — if we couldn’t agree on this, how were we going to agree on an overall focus and direction for the company?  [Answer:  we wouldn’t]

Like a TV infomercial, “Wait!  There’s more!

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