Sisterhood is Global . . . with The Podcast Sisters!

Posted on August 16, 2017 in Strategic Alliances

From “across the Pond” (as some like to refer to the Atlantic Ocean) in Dublin, Ireland, comes a new blogging/podcasting alliance, known as The Podcast Sisters.  Their goal is to inspire and guide women in Europe on using the Internet to advance their personal and professional goals.  “[While] there may be more opportunities in North America to learn about new online media platforms and to connect and build networks,” says Krishna De of The Podcast Sisters, they perceive a gap in the European market.  The alliance will share information and tips on subjects “from blogs to podcasts, from websites to wiki’s.”  Well done, and very much needed, I say.

But now to play “wet blanket.”  Do they have a strategic alliance/strategic partnership agreement?  If they are collaborating on podcasts, have they thought through all of the different ways they might want to use their jointly-created intellectual property together . . . and separately?  Will they charge money for any of the information they share (e.g., for participating in teleclasses or obtaining information products).  How will they split the proceeds?  And what happens if they tire of the venture (or each other) — what happens to their materials then?  Of course, intellectual property and partnership laws may be very different in Ireland than in the U.S.  My hope is that they have answered all of these questions for themselves.

If you’re in an alliance of your own, can you answer them?

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