Product Placement as a Strategic Alliance Vehicle

Posted on December 2, 2017 in Strategic Alliances

Nissan and NBC recently announced a significant marketing partnership to promote NBC’s hot new series, “Heroes“.  Ordinarily, I’d say, “promoting a car on TV — so what?”  But I happen to l-o-v-e the series, an epic drama that chronicles the lives of ordinary people who discover they possess extraordinary abilities . . . and whose ultimate destiny is to save the world.  [As a kid, I loved the Wonder Woman series with Linda Carter, so obviously I’ve got a wanna-be superhero thing going on Psychotic.]


And this isn’t your father’s marketing campaign.  No sirree!  In this campaign, one hand is washing the other.  Part of the campaign is to launch a new vehicle, the Nissan Rogue (a crossover utility vehicle), which will be promoted not just through traditional advertising and online sponsors hips, but also through integration into the main TV episode.  The other part is the use of the TV series as the hub for the multi-pronged approach.  The Heroes series was chosen for this campaign because its “exciting and adventurous spirit” reflected the persona of the Rogue that Nissan is trying to promote.  The Nissan Rogue campaign also includes sponsorship of numerous unique off channel platforms including a “Heroes” music video and the season one DVD release.



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