How Entrepreneurs Can Legal Protect Their Web-Based Business

Posted on December 8, 2017 in IP & Social Media

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One of the great things about the Digital Age is the ease of doing business online for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Raking in great profits no longer requires investing in major real estate leases, huge inventory (and where would you PUT it?), or hiring extensive sales teams. But operational simplicity does not necessarily equal legal simplicity.  Â

Has your Internet business put the right legal building blocks in place? Do you have “Terms and Conditionsâ€?? A privacy policy? Do you know what they are or what should be included? If not, march yourself right over to a good attorney’s office to find out – you can get in BIG trouble across the country, in places you never heard of, if you’re not careful. And for a good overview about what to include in your legalese, check out Imke Ratschko’s “Pimp Your Site (with Legalese)â€? article!Â

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