SBA Small Business Week Awards 2011 Highlights

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq.

An award-winning small business attorney in New York City, Nina is a sought-after professional speaker and Entrepreneur Magazine online contributor. She is the go-to counsel for knowledge economy and creative companies, delivering legal services and educational resources that save them time, money, and aggravation.

Posted on July 21, 2018 in Business Essentials, Events & Resources

As a winner of the SBA’s Women in Business Champion of the Year Award during Small Business Week [see the press release here], I was invited (required?) to give a short speech.  3-5 minutes. Now I’m not one to shy away from an opportunity to address an audience (“kosher ham” that I am).  But the challenge of (1) graciously thanking those who made the day possible, (2) sharing some of my own travails as a woman entrepreneur, (3) getting to the core of my personal philosophy, and (4) doing it all in 3-5 minutes was daunting.

And exciting.  For it brought me closer to the “why” of why I do what I do.  What has propelled me down this entrepreneurial path?  Why have I been so passionate about it … when there are plenty of times that chucking it all and getting a JOB would have been the more prudent course of action?

In short, because to me, entrepreneurship means freedom.  Especially for women.

Watch the video to find out more.  [I’m actually funny in parts!]

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