New Biotech Expansion with Consumer Conglomerates

Posted on September 10, 2018 in Strategic Alliances

Q.: What do you get when a U.S. consumer products and marketing powerhouse meets a Korean pharmaceutical company?

A.:  A strategic alliance that uses a new model to improve health care.

As reported in CNN Online, Proctor & Gamble is known more for its consumer items than for its pharmaceutical division (yes, they have one!).  However, that may change as P&G continues to use its “connect and develop” model to marry P&G’s marketing prowess with others’ scientific expertise.  Case in point:  the recent partnership with Dong Wha Pharmaceutical in Korea regarding the development of a treatment of osteoporosis.

Read this short interview of Tom Finn, president of P&G’s global health care division, about how the “connect-and-develop” model is helping to position P&G to build its drug business.

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