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St. Patrick’s Day is no stranger to legal controversy. Gay Irish groups in New York and Boston have had protracted (and unsuccessful) fights with city leaders over the right to march in the parades. And this year, there’s an unsual legal issue (albeit an ecclesiastical one). According to CNN online, for the first time since […]


Here’s one of my pet peeves about sites like Facebook: people who hardly know me who want to join my network and, by inference, gain my endorsement. I can’t tell you the number of people whom I may have met in passing at a networking event, or who called me from a six-degrees referral to […]


Strategic alliances, joint ventures, collaborations . . . whatever you want to call them . . . are very delicate creatures.  Like other relationships, your “intended” wants to feel special, wants to be comforted in the knowledge that there is a meaningful reason your two companies have come together.  You don’t want to find out […]


When it comes to business plan outlines for the coming year, many of us touch on the usual suspects: honing the target market, developing outreach plans, considering new revenue sources.  In short, it’s usually about what more we can do.  What additional responsibilities we can put on our plate. How we grow through casting a […]


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Whatever I may want to say about the current occupant of the Oval Office and those seeking to sit in his chair, I wouldn’t want the job. Not for a million squillion dollars. Whether it’s brass balls or sheer insanity that makes people want the post, I’ll tip my hat to them for tenacity and […]


I had never really thought about the symbiosis between business and banking, but here’s an interesting tidbit by Shaun Parker on the history of how it came about.  According to Parker, banks themselves owe their standing in the economic world due to the entrepreneurship of middle age traders.  The first to take advantage of the […]


After yesterday’s steam pipe explosion in midtown Manhattan (just a few blocks from my office — too close for comfort), I figured a little levity was in order today.  Here’s a joke about father and son-in-law business partners that gave me a chuckle.  Enjoy! 


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Want to reach a huge market that wants–and needs–to contract with women-owned businesses? WBE certification may be for you. What if you found out about a huge untapped market for your products and services–a market of at least $200 billion? A market eager to find reliable women-owned businesses to work with? A market that has […]


Like Josh Mullineaux, I was bombarded with messages as a kid, cautioning me to think about my actions:  “You are what you eat.”  (I’m chocolate cake?) “Birds of a feather flock together.” and “If everyone else were going to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you?”  But it’s only recently that I started to realize just […]


When titans of industry pass on or resign, as Steve Jobs from Apple did recently, there’s usually a flurry of speculation about the business succession plan. Who will take over? Will they have the same creativity, moxie, or charisma? Will the change be good for the company? Did the stock price go up or down? […]

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