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“What should I charge?” It’s a perennial quandary that crops up for virtually every entrepreneur. It’s also an area where women entrepreneurs tend to undervalue what they offer, so they run into two problems: They don’t adequately convey their value proposition to clients, so they have trouble attracting them in the first place. As they […]


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They say that the key to happy clients is to underpromise and overdeliver.  But I just returned from an absolutely AMAZING 5-day workshop in L.A. given by Peak Potentials, called Train the Trainer 1 (How to Earn $20,000 a Weekend Teaching What You Love), which turns that adage on its head.  Peak’s approach is to “promise big […]


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The business law advisor gives you the simple solution to making verbal agreements. What’s this about a simple solution to verbal agreements? Who says there’s a problem? As a lawyer who has had to litigate contract cases involving verbal agreements, I say, “I do.” Do you remember playing the game “telephone” as a kid, where […]


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Don’t ask me where the time has flown!My computer crashed on Friday the 7th, so my trusty tech support, ZEI Ltd., commandeered the machine for the day.Over the weekend, I celebrated my brother and sister-in-law’s wedding anniversary with them.Monday was filled with doctor’s appointments, and Tuesday and Wednesday disappeared in a haze of meetings and […]


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I don’t advocate that entrepreneurs treat their legal work as a DIY project. And neither does California attorney Nina Yablok. But in her post, “How to Write a Contract,” she gives some great pointers in how to get the ball rolling so that your attorney has less rewriting to do (which can then save you money). […]


When titans of industry pass on or resign, as Steve Jobs from Apple did recently, there’s usually a flurry of speculation about the business succession plan. Who will take over? Will they have the same creativity, moxie, or charisma? Will the change be good for the company? Did the stock price go up or down? […]

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Customer Service 101 for Lawyers involves more than just doing legal work.  It includes: Choosing clients who are the right fit for your firm’s size and expertise Keeping current, not just on law but also on trends affecting your clients’ issues Clear and timely communication Thinking creatively It’s a tall order.  But if you can […]


We noted in the previous post why communication plays a vital role in keeping customers happy. But if communications requires good people skills, the third “C”, creativity, requires good lawyer skills.  Clients are happy when you solve their problems.  When you’re solution oriented, not a “deal breaker.”  That’s hard to do when you don’t have […]


We noted in the previous post on competency why you need to resist the temptation to be all things to all people.  Another element of keeping customers happy is communication. By the time clients reach your firm, they’re nervous.  Maybe they’re in a jam and need help (they’ve been sued); or they see the writing […]


We noted in the previous post that the three “C’s” of good customer service are competency, communication, and creativity. Are you competent to serve the customer market you’ve chosen? Competency has two factors:  choosing and currency.  What areas of practice have you chosen, and are you keeping current in all – not just some — […]


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