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From my colleague Stephen Furnari comes this intelligent article on how to make employment non-compete agreements “stick.”  Courts are generally loathe to enforce an agreement that would keep someone out of gainful employment; companies are loathe to employ people who will walk away with their customer base and trade secrets. So a delicate balance needs […]


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Election Day is just around the corner, and I have to confess–I get a little misty when I enter the election booth and pull the thick curtains closed behind me. In so few countries around the world do people get to vote without coercion or fear of reprisal on who will lead their government. Whatever […]


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Well-crafted employment documents can protect your company from losing employees to the competition. You’ve built a company. You’ve created valuable intellectual property, and you have a great stable of solid clients. You need employees to move the business forward, but the last thing you want to do is spend valuable time and money training your […]


The quick and simple answer is yes, especially if you want to protect your small business from any legal trouble. If you are a small business who hires contractors, it’s quite possible that you can be found liable for any mistakes they make—mistakes that can often far exceed the amount of the original contract to […]


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Need I say more? Check out this article from my colleague, Anna Lieber, as seen in The New York Enterprise Report. All the more reason to have an employee manual to provide guidance on acceptable (and unacceptable) workplace behavior!


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For companies with employees, there’s a new rule in town (at least, in Chicago’s federal court): Under the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, women cannot be fired from their jobs for needing time off for infertility treatments. As reported in the Wall Street Journal online, the ruling involved “a secretary who was laid off after taking time […]

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What caught my eye was an employee wage and hour webinar (which I missed) given by the National Federation of Independent Business, a lobbying organization dedicated to promoting the interests of small, independent businesses. But having reached the site, it turns out that NFIB.org has a number of handy resources and tips on employment and […]


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Yes, it sounds very Arnold Schwarzenegger-esque, but most business owners face the point when they have to look an employee squarely in the eye and say, “You’ve been terminated.” Does the prospect make you uncomfortable? Probably. Should you avoid it and mollycoddle the employee in the hopes of a turnaround? Absolutely not. There comes a […]


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It probably passed unnoticed by most people, but the Supreme Court handed down a decision recently that raised more than just a few eyebrows in the legal community. In the case of CBOCS West v. Humphries, a black manager at a Cracker Barrel restaurant filed suit under the Civil Rights Act of 1866 (now codified […]


  The dining room was a sea of Post-It® notes. All over the table. They flowed out into the foyer, onto the cabinets, into the kitchen. Such was the organizational state of Molly Mahoney Matthews’ newly-launched PR business. When Molly’s sister, Sharon, stopped by for a visit and saw the torrent of little yellow squares threatening […]


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