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Berenice had a real flair for interior design. She had created a niche for her business by working with entertainment and sports celebrities. She hired Devon 2 years ago as an office manager/project assistant. Berenice paid for 100% of his company health insurance premiums and gave him 6 weeks of vacation and personal days off. […]


Are You Ready to Increase Your Office Staff… Without Employees? I reached a point in my law practice a number of years ago where I was stuck. Like, La Brea Tar Pits stuck. I had reached my fullest capacity – by myself — of serving clients, handling the billing, and going out to get more […]


For many business owners, the thought of hiring employees is scarier than the latest Halloween horror flick. And yet — think of the alternative (the boon to your business!). Can your company afford to stay where it is? Chances are, you recognize it can’t. Hiring employees can create a paradigm shift for your company, if […]


Like other asset investments in your business, employees require care and maintenance to make sure they function at peak performance. You can’t just ignore them like office furniture and leave them sitting in the corner. They won’t develop into their fullest potential with that attitude. One of the most important needs — as employees and […]


On the list of “business responsibilities that we enjoy,” letting an employee go ranks right down there with doing your taxes and appearing for a deposition. Employers have difficulty terminating employees for several reasons. There’s the discomfort that accompanies having to deal face-on with conflict. There’s the guilt that comes from “rejection” of the employee, […]


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As my mother is fond of saying, “Watch what you wish for–you may get it.” That certainly applies to the ways in which technology has made an impact on our workplaces. On the one hand, it has opened up a wonderful world of flexibility, new business arrangements and ease of automation. On the other, it […]


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The amount of control you have over your workers affects their legal definition. Entrepreneurs continually face an age-old conundrum: You can’t grow your company without hiring more people. But you can’t hire anyone until the company has grown enough to afford employees. That’s why independent contractors are often an attractive option. They save business owners […]


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If I could find a word to sum up the best way to deal with employees, I think the word would be consistency. It’s a lack of consistency that often gets employers in trouble with discrimination laws, even if they didn’t intend to discriminate. Picture this: Aybeesee Company hires its first employee (Jim, a 22-year-old […]

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With more and more people (especially Gen Yers and Millenials) posting their personal information on the internet, it seems a handy place for employers to go to scoop up background information on prospective hires. After all, by publishing this information on their blogs, Facebook pages and MySpace profiles, the potential employees can hardly claim that […]


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I just returned from Miami Beach, where I spoke on the subject of “Social Media for Corporate Executives” with fellow (sister?) Entrepreneur blogger Lena West. [Check out her Tech Forward blog if you haven’t already.] Blogging is fun, blogging is new, blogging is strategic, and blogging raises hairs on the backs of the necks of […]


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