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I mentioned it last week, but now there’s a new reason to attend NYC StartUp on June 24: I’m one of the panelists at the conference. I’ll be speaking on the legal side of “Do you have what it takes to get started?” identifying the major issues that entrepreneurs face when getting started. The one-day […]


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Do you know corporate professionals (working or laid off) in the New York City area who are considering creating a new business? Do you know existing business owners ready to go to the next level? Then read on for this not-to-miss opportunity! The NY Post is sponsoring NYC StartUp–a one-day event on June 24 featuring […]


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A gentle nudge for those of you who are not subscribers to my now-weekly ezine, Lex Appeal.  For the month of February, I’ll be providing weekly tips on business partnership issues including: Are you partnership material? Do you have your life partner’s buy-in for your business plans? The 4Ms of partnership agreement basics Signs that […]


Post image for Basic Training: (A Little) Night Reading: Great Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs

Yes, your time is at a premium . . . but all it takes is one great idea, one spark of inspiration to really heat up your company, right? And what better way to get that than reading about some of those deep in the trenches of entrepreneurship? Here’s Bootstrapper’s list of must-read blogs for […]


Post image for Be There! The 3rd Annual PA Business Tech Conference

If you’re looking for a rising star in the urban firmament (and a great place to do business), look no further than Pittsburgh.  “Pittsburgh?” you say, barely concealing your surprise and disgust.  “Isn’t that just an old steel town?” No longer.  With major industry changes in the 1980s, Pittsburgh shifted its economic base to education, […]


Post image for Women’s Business Ownership Act Turns 20

Last week, Small Business Adminsitration executives celebrated the anniversary of the passage of the Women’s Business Ownership Act of 1988.  According to an SBA press release, the pioneering legislation, also known as H.R. 5050, created the SBA’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership, the SBA’s Women’s Business Center (WBC) program, and the National Women’s Business Council […]


Post image for IRS Phone Forum–Free!–on May 21

From the people you love to hate, the IRS is offering a phone forum on Wednesday, May 21. All you need is internet access and a separate phone line. For registration information, visit the IRS Site. Here is what the forum will cover: Learn what you need to know as a small business owner: Classifying […]


Post image for Small Business Summit in NYC–February 11, 2008

For those of you based in the New York area, the Small Business Summit on February 11, 2008, is not to be missed. Focusing on the importance of using technology to streamline and enhance your business, this Third Annual Small Business Summit 2008 is (apparently) the only summit “by business owners for business owners.” This […]

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Post image for Networking, Social and Otherwise

Networking, social networking–what’s the difference? When it comes to building connections among business owners, not a lot. But you can do both at The Women’s Congress conference in Miami, Florida, from January 24-25. I’ll be speaking there on the topic of “Social Media for Corporate Executives.” The Women’s Congress is a strategic networking, high-level education […]

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Small business legal issues provide part of the foundation of your business. Many entrepreneurs don’t realize that there are two crucial components to any successful business: encouraging growth (that’s the fun part sales and marketing and revenues) and managing risk (that’s the un-fun part of HR, administration, accounting, and law). As someone who wants to […]