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Venture capital attorney Jennifer Hill took a few minutes with me to talk about business owners who are raising capital – and what they need to know so that they avoid making big, costly mistakes. Jennifer and I spoke about working with traditional venture capital and private equity firms and the changing landscape of crowd-funding, […]

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There are lots of ways to waste your time online.  Why not spend it poking around researching something productive? Judith Leeson has compiled a list of 50 Free and Excellent Legal Web Apps.  Though she did it for law students, here’s just a sampling of the handy and interesting things you can learn from the […]


Every small business used to want to appear big – the bigger the better. But, the times have changed and what used to work has shifted into something else. Barry Moltz, a small business consultant, speaker and author of the recently-released Small Town Rules, talked to me about these changes. He tells me that consumers […]


True confessions: I’m a bit of a slug the first couple of weeks of the year. Partly because my body has not recovered from the non-stop stuff-your-face-fest that began with too many jelly doughnuts on Chanukah, juggernauted its way through Cousin Jen’s homemade mozzarella-cheese-and-pepperoni Stromboli as Christmas Dinner appetizer, and slid into cheap champagne brunches […]


In my law practice, I have worked with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs who consistently struggle with a huge problem: how to get more customers. Recently, at the New York Times Small Business Summit, I interviewed Wendi Caplan-Carroll, of the popular e-mail marketing service Constant Contact. I asked Wendi questions that are on […]


The U. S. Small Business Administration named me a Women in Business Champion of the Year, and I’m mighty pleased. As you may be able to commiserate, there are the dog days as a woman business owner (or just a business owner) where–like the tree-in-the-forest riddle–I wonder: if I stop doing what I’m doing, would […]


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On a bleak January morning a few years ago, I got a call at 8:47.  My husband’s Uncle Jimmy had died.  James V. McGuinness was a New York City beat cop for many years, a dutiful (and hard-nosed) father of 5, with a dry sense of humor and a wide smile (when you could coax it […]


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Many of us have complained about the state of the U.S. economy — particularly for small businesses. It seemed that there were large, sweeping forces outside of our control that created these conditions. However, there is now a way we can each take one small step to spur our local economy. It takes place on […]


I don’t know what your experience was like voting in last week’s mid-term elections, but mine was truly dispiriting. Read my exclusive post on to find out what went wrong and why I believe our system needs to be fixed.


Expert resources can be at your fingertips, if you know where to go. Conferences like the New York Times Small Business Summit are a great way to glean the expertise and tips from those who know. I had the pleasure of speaking to this wonderful group of experts on the following topics: 1.  Melinda Emerson: […]


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