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Yes, they’re cumbersome, but don’t ignore the corporate formalities if you don’t want creditors poking into your personal assets. Congratulations! You’ve taken the important step of protecting your personal assets by forming a corporation or limited liability company. But just as giving birth is only the beginning of your responsibilities of caring for a baby, […]


Every year, many business owners choose to incorporate their companies. They may make this decision at the outset, or may arrive at it later because their business is growing and they want to shield themselves from the risks that growing businesses face. Either way, the business owners want to limit the extent to which their […]


At some point in their business planning, most entrepreneurs wonder: “How can I protect myself if things go awry?” Even if they have few personal assets, they may want to avoid the possibility of seeing their name in the caption of a lawsuit, for how can you concentrate on business with that looming over your […]


You’ve felt that glimmer of the Divine impulse – that insistent idea whispering in your ear saying: “start a business . . . start a business . . . .” You have experience in your field. You’ve done your homework on determining the right clients for you, where you’d want to locate the business, who […]


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Have you ever felt “forced” to do something you really don’t want to do? Attending a family function for your in-laws, contributing to a particular charity you don’t care about for a colleague, sitting through Wagner’s Ring Cycle (or a WWE wrestling match) for your significant other–all come to mind. Now imagine if you had […]


Two (or more) people want to go into business together.  They’re holding hands (metaphorically speaking), ready to skip lightly down the path of shared entrepreneurship, when a legal questions arises:  what form of business should we choose? The short and obvious answer it:  it depends.  And the decision is a crucial one that should involve […]

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Protect your assets by forming a business entity; it’s worth the cost. Some companies can cover many of their potential business risks with insurance, but in my opinion, if you’re going into business you should form a separate entity. The risks to your personal assets and to your business growth far outweigh any advantages of […]


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I had a post from “Explorer,” who is starting a new venture (Congratulations!). Explorer was wondering if it’s OK to do business without a company name at the start, as she hasn’t registered one yet. For anyone else who might have the same question, here’s how I responded: In the U.S., there’€™s generally no requirement […]


From the Department of “Hey, That’s a Good Point!” comes this article on Board of Directors liability by attorney Alan Sklover, Esq.  (yes, you can learn interesting things from your LinkedIn groups!).  It has to do with corporate housekeeping, directors and officers, and how to protect yourself against future entanglements. Why is this relevant? Because […]


Q.:  Can you use “LLC” with your DBA names? A.: No. Here’s the fuller story. You form an LLC for your social media consulting company:  Best Brains LLC.  Six months later, you start to offer blog copywriting services as a specific line of business, which you call Best Blogs.  That sparks an educational/coaching teleclass (or webinar–take […]


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