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I had a post from “Explorer,” who is starting a new venture (Congratulations!). Explorer was wondering if it’s OK to do business without a company name at the start, as she hasn’t registered one yet. For anyone else who might have the same question, here’s how I responded: In the U.S., there’€™s generally no requirement […]


From the Department of “Hey, That’s a Good Point!” comes this article on Board of Directors liability by attorney Alan Sklover, Esq.  (yes, you can learn interesting things from your LinkedIn groups!).  It has to do with corporate housekeeping, directors and officers, and how to protect yourself against future entanglements. Why is this relevant? Because […]


Q.:  Can you use “LLC” with your DBA names? A.: No. Here’s the fuller story. You form an LLC for your social media consulting company:  Best Brains LLC.  Six months later, you start to offer blog copywriting services as a specific line of business, which you call Best Blogs.  That sparks an educational/coaching teleclass (or webinar–take […]


If you’re in any of these situations, then it might be the right time to protect your personal assets. So, you’re ready to start your own business. But you’re caught up in the creative excitement and don’t want to deal with pesky management issues and decisions like incorporation. Must you form a business entity right […]


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Year after year, I would go in for my annual physical. Much to my surprise (and my doctor’s), despite my enormous stress levels, my blood pressure was always normal. All of my vitals were good. However, my diet was appalling. Regularly skipping breakfast, grabbing junk food on the fly, scarfing down cookies (anything with chocolate […]


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Now is a great time to reevaluate whether the business entity you’ve chosen for your company still meets your needs. What may have worked at the beginning may now leave you exposed. You may have outgrown your business entity, much like a seedling can outgrow the pot you planted it in. Or — like some […]


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Q. :  I want to register a Charity in the USA. I’m a citizen of Nepal and currently residing in Nepal. To promote the charity and its presence in US I want to register it in USA. How can I go about this? A.:  When you register a charity in the United States, you actually […]


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I’m often asked, “Why can’t I just incorporate in Delaware?” Well, for many small businesses, it doesn’t make legal or financial sense to incorporate in Delaware if all of your business activities are going to take place in, say, North Dakota. In many instances, you’ll end up doubling your formation filing fees, adding to the […]


Make sure the name you want is available, then register and protect it. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet. “[A] rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Many entrepreneurs would disagree. Since Adam named the animals in the Garden of Eden, we have understood the power of “naming.” That’s […]


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Today’s Basic Training query comes from a solopreneur who is stymied by needing to take the next step in forming a business entity.  It certainly can get confusing.  There are legal considerations, tax considerations, and cost considerations, just to name a few. Plus, there’s the pressure to make the perfect choice before your business has […]