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In some ways, the Internet is the Wild West . . . and Web 2.0 is like the Wild West meets the Sci-Fi Channel — unpredictable, potentially dangerous, and often bizarre. If you’re involved in, or thinking about, doing business online at all, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is a great resource. They’re even hosting a […]

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For anyone with a website, here’s an instructive post from my namesake, California attorney Nina Yablok on privacy policies. She raises the excellent point that you need to be careful what you promise in your privacy policies. As long as you’re in control of the website, you may want to promise that you won’t share the […]

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Post image for Copyrightable Content from My Blog Has Just Been Ripped Off!

This is becoming a burgeoning issue – and I’ve just found myself on the victim’s side of it!! Thanks to the way WomenEntrepreneur.com set up my blog, I’m able to see some of the comments and trackbacks to follow where my blog content is ending up in cyberspace.I followed one trackback link to another site […]


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Think blogging’s all fun and games? Make sure what you’re doing is legal to keep your business and reputation in the clear. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is a blast. I should know; I have two blogs. The opportunity for expression is limitless–words, photos, videos, audio. Whatever technology develops, you can be sure that people […]


Should you freely, readily, easily share your intellectual property? Does “share, share; that’s fair” apply to the board room as well as the dining room? Methinks not. This short video explains why. Am I being overly cautious? (No surprise, given my legal training). Or worse—selfish? (With a wink to Ayn Rand). Be sure to post […]


Tired of the time-for-dollars model in your service business? Fed up with feast-or-famine in your cash flow? Eager to discover alternative ways to have greater impact and income? Listen in as we interview Sarah Farzam, the Founder and Director of Bilingual Birdies, a foreign language and live music program for young children in New York […]


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A recent survey by online payroll service SurePayroll reveals that more than 80 percent of small business owners believe e-mail is a key element in the success of their business. But email can also cause legal problems for entrepreneurs . . . something not highlighted in the survey. Email is not reliable. In a very […]


Post image for If I Give Credit, Is It Copyright Infringement?

I recently gave a teleclass on intellectual property issues for small business owners. One of the questions that came up is whether it’s okay to use someone else’€™s content (in this case, transcribing a podcast and posting it in its entirety) on your own blog as long as you give the proper attribution. The short answer […]


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I received a query from “Cee” about using confidentiality agreements: Q.: I have every person i deal with sign confidentiality. but i have found that it does not really protect you because unless you are willing to pour tons of money into a lawsuit, and most small people dont have tons of money, then what […]

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Copying contracts from the Internet is a bit like wearing your old cousin’s hand-me-down dresses . . . in order to walk into a bee’s nest (an incongruous image, I know): yes, you’re “covered,” but the style is outdated and they usually don’t fit you well. Plus, they won’t provide you with the protection you […]

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