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You’re a gun for hire. No, not in the “John-Wayne-with-spurs-clinking-down-a-tumbleweed-path” kind of gun for hire…more in the “you’re-brought-in-to-handle-the-tough-stuff” vein. For example, Epiphany, an up-and-coming clothing company based in Taos, New Mexico, needed consistent branding and attention, in order to attract the kinds of customers they wanted. They could design clothing, but designing a solid marketing […]


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As if there weren’t enough issues to put into our employee manuals, the internet and Web 2.0 have made them proliferate.Each time there’s a new technology, lawyers have to evaluate: “Is it covered under our current policies?” And, not being the one to say “sure!”–and be wrong –voila! A new policy is born. The latest […]


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Artwork by Natalie Dee @ www.NatalieDee.com In the smoky world that is intellectual property law, some things are clear.  If you write a book on, say, “How to Choose a Business Partner Who Won’t [BLEEP] You,” it is protectable under U.S. copyright laws. If you come up with a nifty tag line for your athletic shoes […]

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This tragic story of insufficient planning is just another example from the Department of Not-Beginning-With-The-End-In-Mind. So many entrepreneurs get all “over the moon” about getting launched and off the ground that they ignore thoughts about their exit strategy. What do they want to get out of the business? How will they exit? Will they sell the […]


“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. I often wonder what celebrities are thinking when they name their kids Tu (Morrow), Moon Unit (Zappa), or North (West, of Kardashian-West fame). Or not thinking. Somehow, they latch on to an idea … which may have been hilarious after a few too many 3rd trimester appletinis … and […]


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Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s latest wrangling with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over her trademark just goes to show ya: Celebrities are ordinary businesspeople, too, and they also run into trouble with their trademarks.  Seems that Polizzi wanted to trademark her nickname, Snooki, but ran into a cat fight.  Literally.  Here’s the issue: Snooki […]


The United States Supreme Court ruled recently that as long as an employer has a legitimate work-related purpose, and the search is reasonable in scope, then employers can review their employees’ text messages when those messages are sent or received on an employer-provided device. Attorney Bradley Gross, Esq., parses through the decision and what it […]


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“Why can’t I handle my own patent/trademark/copyright filings?” you ask.  “I’m getting started on a shoestring–do I really need to spend the legal fees?” Go right ahead and DIY . . . but if you’re not on target about what you’ve done or how thoroughly you’ve handled your background research, you could find that you’ve […]


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Complaining about someone stealing your IP when you sat on your hands is like complaining that someone broke into your house when you left the front door wide open. If you have items at home that you value, you take steps to protect them. You put a lock on your door. You hire an alarm company. You […]


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Q: Just wondering if my kids can sell their Lego creations online? I’m mostly concerned about the “Lego” brand name infringements. That is, if my kids were to make their own original creations using Lego pieces and advertise them on the internet as, oh, I don’t know, “Jake and Joe’s original Lego designs”–and sell the completed creations–without implying […]