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I’ve been saying this for a while: if you’re want to play in the Internet ballpark, you have to learn the rules. In his recent post, 5 East Ways to Get Sued on Facebook, Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today clearly outlines, as the title promises, five ways you can get yourself in trouble on Facebook. You […]


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“You can’t change what you can’t measure,” my friend and colleague Rochelle Lisner of Dynamic Business Growth often says. That becomes particularly thorny in the nebulous world of networking and marketing. Sure, it’s “easy” to make the comparison when you’re comparing dollars for dollars–for example, “I spent $1,000 on a journal for an event, and […]


I’m often asked, “Can I freely website content I see online? After all, it is free … and easily copied.” Tempting as it is to think that “freely available” equals “can use for free,” the short answer is … no. To play fair in the online world, you need to assume that if website content […]


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Q: The website of my former employer (which is my “competition,” sort of) seems to have a lot of issues, and I know his domain will expire later this year. Just for background, a few years ago he purchased a domain that matched my company name (with a hyphen) and made it a redirect to […]


You’re a gun for hire. No, not in the “John-Wayne-with-spurs-clinking-down-a-tumbleweed-path” kind of gun for hire…more in the “you’re-brought-in-to-handle-the-tough-stuff” vein. For example, Epiphany, an up-and-coming clothing company based in Taos, New Mexico, needed consistent branding and attention, in order to attract the kinds of customers they wanted. They could design clothing, but designing a solid marketing […]


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As if there weren’t enough issues to put into our employee manuals, the internet and Web 2.0 have made them proliferate.Each time there’s a new technology, lawyers have to evaluate: “Is it covered under our current policies?” And, not being the one to say “sure!”–and be wrong –voila! A new policy is born. The latest […]


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Artwork by Natalie Dee @ www.NatalieDee.com In the smoky world that is intellectual property law, some things are clear.  If you write a book on, say, “How to Choose a Business Partner Who Won’t [BLEEP] You,” it is protectable under U.S. copyright laws. If you come up with a nifty tag line for your athletic shoes […]

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This tragic story of insufficient planning is just another example from the Department of Not-Beginning-With-The-End-In-Mind. So many entrepreneurs get all “over the moon” about getting launched and off the ground that they ignore thoughts about their exit strategy. What do they want to get out of the business? How will they exit? Will they sell the […]


“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare. I often wonder what celebrities are thinking when they name their kids Tu (Morrow), Moon Unit (Zappa), or North (West, of Kardashian-West fame). Or not thinking. Somehow, they latch on to an idea … which may have been hilarious after a few too many 3rd trimester appletinis … and […]


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Jersey Shore star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s latest wrangling with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office over her trademark just goes to show ya: Celebrities are ordinary businesspeople, too, and they also run into trouble with their trademarks.  Seems that Polizzi wanted to trademark her nickname, Snooki, but ran into a cat fight.  Literally.  Here’s the issue: Snooki […]