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Find an angel investor that’s a divine match for your business. Angels are often defined as “spiritual beings.” To the entrepreneur seeking a sizable cash infusion, angel investors might well seem heaven-sent. In addition to money, they typically offer value-added benefits such as expertise, experience, mentorship, creative ideas and contacts. But they are not necessarily […]


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Here’s a scenario for you: You’re the sole owner of a corporation and have no employees. Every once in a while you find yourself a bit short, so you let the company pay for some of your personal expenses, such as dry cleaning, spa treatments and house cleaning services. You’re not depriving a business partner […]


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It’s never easy being a small business.  It’s hard enough to qualify for venture capital funding . . . and yet receiving it could disqualify you from other small business incentives through the Small Business Administration and other government programs.  It’s a “damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t” conundrum. According to a recent report in the New York Times, Jason […]


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Billions of dollars in small federal contracts could be opened to small businesses if the Small Business Administration (SBA) prevails in a dispute with the General Services Administration (GSA). According to a report on Associated Content, the SBA has ruled that, under the Small Business Act, the GSA needs to set aside contracts valued between […]

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Not all business partners are actively involved in a company’s day-to-day operations.  Call them “passive investors,” “angel investors,” or “financial partners,” it all comes down to money and wanting a return on the investment.  As an example, Sequoia Capital, which provides capital and investment opportunities, has a checklist/outline on its site of what it likes to […]


Here’s a nightmare for you.  You and your partner signed a partnership agreement, began your business, built it, and were on the verge of seeing it really take off when the unthinkable happened:  your partner was hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street on the way to work and killed.  Not only do […]


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You betcha you do! Home business, office business – doesn’t matter. If you’re in business, you should have it. Like the old American Express tagline, “Don’t leave home without it,â€? I caution entrepreneurs not to go into business without it. Particularly as many of them prefer to operate as sole proprietorships, in which case their […]


Investors may seem like guardian angels, but they are definitely worth investigating when you’re seeking seed funding. Expectations run high in relationships where seed funding is involved. Therefore, invest the time to ensure that that your “too-good-to-be-true” angel investor really is just that: 1. Do a reference check. Although angel investors may come through referrals, […]


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Leaving aside whether women entrepreneurs ask sufficiently for the financing they need, the fact remains that you need at a least a little money to get your company off the ground.Not everything can be handled for barter.So where’s a gal to go for moola? Thanks to Anthony Cerminaro’s BizBangBuzz blog for alerting me, I now […]


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Don’€™t ask me where the past week has flown. It’€™s been a flurry of activity . . . and a flurry of comments on my post Why Women Entrepreneurs Don’€™t Get the Financing They Need. Seems it struck a bit of a nerve on all sides with some proponents in the “small-is-smart-not-weak” camp (and yes, I agree, […]


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