Owning a successful business takes lots of different knowledge and know-how to get it running smoothly—which includes avoiding risks.  Yet many entrepreneurs forge full steam ahead without professional legal advice … for a variety of reasons. Cost. Fear. Ego, to name a few. But without it, seemingly small missteps like “oops, my independent contractor should […]


Venture capital attorney Jennifer Hill took a few minutes with me to talk about business owners who are raising capital – and what they need to know so that they avoid making big, costly mistakes. Jennifer and I spoke about working with traditional venture capital and private equity firms and the changing landscape of crowd-funding, […]

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I was intrigued with what Robert Tuchman had to say about his experience with business partners–check out Chapter 5 (“The Partner Principle”) of Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own. Especially as his is a success story. How rare is that? So I invited him back for a second […]


Every small business used to want to appear big – the bigger the better. But, the times have changed and what used to work has shifted into something else. Barry Moltz, a small business consultant, speaker and author of the recently-released Small Town Rules, talked to me about these changes. He tells me that consumers […]


In my law practice, I have worked with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs who consistently struggle with a huge problem: how to get more customers. Recently, at the New York Times Small Business Summit, I interviewed Wendi Caplan-Carroll, of the popular e-mail marketing service Constant Contact. I asked Wendi questions that are on […]


Expert resources can be at your fingertips, if you know where to go. Conferences like the New York Times Small Business Summit are a great way to glean the expertise and tips from those who know. I had the pleasure of speaking to this wonderful group of experts on the following topics: 1.  Melinda Emerson: […]


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Ready to chase your dreams of being an entrepreneur? Yes, I mean you. Why not you? Listen in to this lively and informative interview of Robert Tuchman, author of YOUNG GUNS: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own. Robert talks about why the theme of “why not you?” […]


If you slept in this past Sunday morning (and normally, I would, too), you may have missed my segment on MSNBC’s “Your Business” where I was part of a panel that included venture attorney Jennifer E. Hill and National Federation of Independent Business chief economist, Bill Dunkelberg. What’s your take on the economy? How has […]


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Many thanks to attorney Anthony Cerminaro’s BizzBangBuzz blog for bringing this tidbit to my attention.This handy article, which appeared in Business Intelligence Lowdown earlier this year, lists 101 common sense management tips for entrepreneurs.What floored me was that all 101 tips appear in the article (and not in a link to purchase a book for $197.00)! […]


Should you freely, readily, easily share your intellectual property? Does “share, share; that’s fair” apply to the board room as well as the dining room? Methinks not. This short video explains why. Am I being overly cautious? (No surprise, given my legal training). Or worse—selfish? (With a wink to Ayn Rand). Be sure to post […]