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Post image for Basic Training: Please–the IRS Isn’t THAT Stupid

As tax time closes in, it’s no surprise that people will do whatever they can to avoid paying their taxes. And while you have a right to question certain determinations, there comes a point where you cross a line from the thoughtful to the ridiculous. From the IRS website, here are just a few of […]


Post image for One of the Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

According to Dawn Fotopulos, president of, one of the top 10 reasons small businesses fail is that they overspend on fixed assets. Do you really need that state-of-the-art computer system right out of the gate? Will your customers care whether your desk is make of solid oak or pressed particleboard? Will they even see it? Overspending on […]


Post image for Basic Training: C is for Creative Accounting

In these times of dire economic predictions, here’s a bold query from someone with a little too much cash on her hands. [And yes, I skipped “B”] Q.: It seems as though the larger my company gets, the more profit we show and the more money I just hand away to the government. What are […]