annual minutes

Yes, they’re cumbersome, but don’t ignore the corporate formalities if you don’t want creditors poking into your personal assets. Congratulations! You’ve taken the important step of protecting your personal assets by forming a corporation or limited liability company. But just as giving birth is only the beginning of your responsibilities of caring for a baby, […]


Every year, many business owners choose to incorporate their companies. They may make this decision at the outset, or may arrive at it later because their business is growing and they want to shield themselves from the risks that growing businesses face. Either way, the business owners want to limit the extent to which their […]


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As we’re still in the early part of 2010, it’s a good time for corporations (and LLCs!) to prepare their annual minutes.  Minutes outline the major decisions the company made in the previous year. Not only are they a handy way of recalling the significant issues the company faced in the prior 12 months, they’re […]

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