Used to be, I thought being super-busy was a sign of … oh, I don’t know … Greatness? Fabulous business acumen? Being in demand? But after reflecting on this week, I realize I’ve done what Benjamin Franklin says never to:  confuse motion with action. Was I in motion? Sure. Did anything move forward? Not so […]


The clock is ticking … I have to be on a Google® hangout call in 30 minutes. Here’s the problem: every time I try to either host or participate in a hangout, I run into technical snafus. I’m stressed beyond belief, not just because I can’t figure out how to get onto the damn call […]


Who thinks more is better than less?  If you’re a seven-year-old in an AT&T ad campaign, more is definitely better than less—especially if it’s stuff you really like. But as a mature adult/business owner (ha!—don’t look at me), you know that “it depends.” Getting more of something isn’t always an unqualified “whoopee!” Many small business […]


I was having lunch the other day with Sam. His business is bursting at the seams—a problem you think he’d be thrilled to have—yet, he’s losing his mind. “So much of my day is spent maintaining what I’ve already built—it’s like I can’t escape the daily grind. I haven’t take a day off all year!” […]

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