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At some point in their business planning, most entrepreneurs wonder: “How can I protect myself if things go awry?” Even if they have few personal assets, they may want to avoid the possibility of seeing their name in the caption of a lawsuit, for how can you concentrate on business with that looming over your […]


You’ve felt that glimmer of the Divine impulse – that insistent idea whispering in your ear saying: “start a business . . . start a business . . . .” You have experience in your field. You’ve done your homework on determining the right clients for you, where you’d want to locate the business, who […]


Q.:  Can you use “LLC” with your DBA names? A.: No. Here’s the fuller story. You form an LLC for your social media consulting company:  Best Brains LLC.  Six months later, you start to offer blog copywriting services as a specific line of business, which you call Best Blogs.  That sparks an educational/coaching teleclass (or webinar–take […]


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Q: I am starting an online retail store. I thought about filing my status as a sole proprietor.  Eventually I will change my status to an LLC when I have a physical store. Should I go ahead and file as a sole proprietor or should I just file as an LLC now? A: Particularly for […]


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Q: I will be starting an online gift basket business in a couple of months and have a couple of questions: Although I will be operating a sole proprietorship business (and I was told that an EIN number is not required for sole proprietorship businesses), I do not want to use my Social Security number. […]

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Now is a great time to reevaluate whether the business entity you’ve chosen for your company still meets your needs. What may have worked at the beginning may now leave you exposed. You may have outgrown your business entity, much like a seedling can outgrow the pot you planted it in. Or — like some […]


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Today’s Basic Training query comes from a solopreneur who is stymied by needing to take the next step in forming a business entity.  It certainly can get confusing.  There are legal considerations, tax considerations, and cost considerations, just to name a few. Plus, there’s the pressure to make the perfect choice before your business has […]


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You may roll your eyes and picture your grandmother waggling her finger in your face saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, young lady,” but she was right. How simple would it have been to floss regularly, instead of having to go through the time and expense of filling a cavity? My husband […]


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So you start your business from home. Makes sense, so you can keep costs down. But then you realize that your home address–nay, your home state–lacks a certain cache. What to do? Q: I currently have a business in Michigan. I am looking into e-commerce; however, my product is a fashion item. Unfortunately, the state […]


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I was recently contacted by an entrepreneur (“Marie”) for a “rush job”: She had formed an S-Corporation about a year ago, and now a couple of investors were waiting in the wings to take an equity piece of her company. She needed the deal signed, sealed and delivered within two weeks. Now I won’t say that’s […]