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From the “No good deed goes unpunished” department: Q: I deposited more than $20,000 into my business partner’s account under the impression that he would add my name to the new company and to the house I had paid off for him and that he would put my name on the new car title,  too. […]


I started a discussion thread in our Successful Business Partnerships group on LinkedIn concerning the importance of shared values between business partners.  How can you tell if you’re really on the same page? Aside from certain basic questions (which I know — see the kind reference to my book, The Key Questions in the thread), I was […]


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I was intrigued with what Robert Tuchman had to say about his experience with business partners–check out Chapter 5 (“The Partner Principle”) of Young Guns: The Fearless Entrepreneur’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams and Breaking Out on Your Own. Especially as his is a success story. How rare is that? So I invited him back for a second […]


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I was recently contacted by a business owner who felt that he was being cheated by his business partner.  He had nothing specific to go on . . . just a gut feeling . . . and there was no paperwork.  What could he do to protect his investment? Whether or not he was actually […]


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In this challenging economy, I’m seeing a lot of entrepreneurs begin to re-evaluate their business  . . .  and, in particular, their business teams. When business is going well, it’s easy to overlook  the flaws and peccadilloes. Partly because we want to ride the prosperity wave. But when the wave crashes, and you’re dumped onto […]


Q.: How can the owners of a company merge three separate businesses located in three different countries?  Each business is owned and operated by the same people. Read on to find out . . . .

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My colleague, Geri Stengel of Ventureneer, conducted a survey several months ago that examined the importance of peer advisors to help entrepreneurs deal with their business challenges. Maybe it doesn’t come as any surprise but, according to the survey, the results clearly showed that business owners achieve greater success and ease in solving problems when […]


Police and paramedics . . . riding together.  The cadence reminded me of Bill Murray’s line from Ghostbusters–” . . . dogs and cats living together . . .“–but we’re not facing a disaster of Biblical proportions.  Rather, it seems to be a smart alliance to conserve resources. As reported in This is Local London, paramedics will […]


From the Department of Business Partnership Nightmares comes this plea for help from LordMJ: Here’s the skinny: Partner 1 and Partner 2 met in corporate America and started a venture together when both had full-time jobs Partner 1 left the corporate job and entered grad school, ostensibly to help the business (and supposedly by mutual […]


Join me on September 22nd as I share my thoughts, lessons, and humor on business partnerships with the Twitterverse!  Yes, it’s a brave new world I’m entering, thanks to Melinda Emerson, The Small Biz Lady, and her #smallbizchat show.  Every Wednesday, she hosts a weekly Twitter chat – focusing on everything that small business owners need […]


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