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When I first heard David Greer’s story, I started to salivate. Not at the acrimony that created the situation, but at the end result:  a two-year Mediteranean cruise with his family! But it could not have happened had David not been willing to follow the advice of his attorney and sign a shareholders’ agreement for […]


A while back, I wrote an article entitled “Investing in the Right Investors,” where I talked about the importance of having the right fit.  Just as you would want to have with a business partner who’s actively involved in the company. My colleague, David Greer (who knows a thing or two about investors and investing) […]

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Entrepreneurs who want to raise capital from angel investors really need to consider the process from the angel’s point of view. Every audience you’re trying to sway needs to be able to see “what’s in it for them”.  I’ve heard people quip that the most popular radio station in the world is WIIFM–“What’s In It […]


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I first met David Greer, angel investor and entrepreneur, when he weighed in on my Business Partnership Central blog on the importance of having a written shareholders’ agreement–and how that freed him up (when he sold out his interest) to sail the Mediterranean for two years (drool). Now he offers some handy insights to follow up […]