Used to be, I thought being super-busy was a sign of … oh, I don’t know … Greatness? Fabulous business acumen? Being in demand? But after reflecting on this week, I realize I’ve done what Benjamin Franklin says never to:  confuse motion with action. Was I in motion? Sure. Did anything move forward? Not so […]


The clock is ticking … I have to be on a Google® hangout call in 30 minutes. Here’s the problem: every time I try to either host or participate in a hangout, I run into technical snafus. I’m stressed beyond belief, not just because I can’t figure out how to get onto the damn call […]


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Today, I’m taking a deep breath, because it may be my last one for a long time. Starting Monday, I’m beginning the process of totally redesigning my website. Anticipated launch is early-to-mid-January (stay tuned!). Before reaching this point, I needed to come up with a logo, consider the “architecture” for the site and tweak more […]


If you look up the definition of “control freak” in the dictionary, you’ll probably find my picture.  It’s not in my nature to delegate—and the same often holds true for business owners in general.  Many are fiercely independent … but there comes a point when that ferocity prevents success – if it keeps you from […]


If you ever watched cheesy Saturday afternoon B movies featuring the Hydra—the many-headed mythological sea serpent—you’ve seen an image of an entrepreneur. (And definitely me on a bad day!)   Everyone knows you have to wear a lot of hats when you start your own business.  Even with a partner or two, there are more […]