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Contrary to the impression of some, due diligence is not about spying or schnuckling around trying to dig up dirt on a potential business or alliance partner.  It’s sound business practice, all horror stories aside. So what kind of steps can you take?  As a first step, here’s a really helpful article by Frank Bruno […]


Well, it seems that even the powerful get duped in their dealings.  From the Washington Post, comes the story of Hunter and James Biden, sons of Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.), who are suing a former business partner for fraud, claiming he lied about his professional credentials and finances.  One of the claims is […]


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This week, I received a frantic call from “Rosie,” who had been referred by a colleague of mine. She plunked down a huge chunk of change (well into the five figures) to buy a day spa from the current owner. The seller told her he wanted to get out of the business because he wanted […]

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I was recently contacted by a business owner who felt that he was being cheated by his business partner.  He had nothing specific to go on . . . just a gut feeling . . . and there was no paperwork.  What could he do to protect his investment? Whether or not he was actually […]


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OK, so maybe my age is showing (it hasn’t been that many years since college, has it?), but I thought that drinking games were idiot party tricks made up on the spot by frat boys sitting around a keg of watered-down beer trying to get into the panties of the coeds. Apparently, it’s now a […]


Everyone’s entitled to make a bad decision now and again. That chartreuse designer blouse that was just a smidge (ha!) too small (sure, you’ll lose a couple of pounds to fit into it) but you bought anyway because it was on sale and now takes up valuable real estate in your closet?  Not a good […]


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You wouldn’t buy a car without kicking the tires, right?  Similarly, do a little due diligence — on yourself as well as your prospective partner — before you tie the knot.  Here’s a link to my article, “When It Comes to Choosing Business Partners, Look Before You Leap,” which is one of the Ladies Who […]