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Q: I’ve found various sites that have templates for employee handbooks, including one at Business.gov.  Am I putting myself at any risk by using this as the basis of my employee handbook?  What sorts of legal issues should I take into consideration before using any employee handbook in my business? A: Templates are great as […]


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Because “one size does not fit all.” And because “you get what you pay for.” In “a whopper of a sexual harrassment claim” (thanks to blog author Jon Hyman for the turn of phrase I couldn’t resist), the case of EEOC v. V & J Foods, Inc., a Burger King franchise had an employee manual that […]


True story: Two-and-a-half years after the manager of “XYZ Company” resigns, she brings a sex discrimination lawsuit, claiming the company took sides with a male employee who created a hostile work environment. All of her claims are dismissed by the court as baseless, but not before a protracted legal battle that costs the company over […]