“When you’re not fishing, be mending the nets.” ~ Irish proverb I look down at my Staples® five-subject spiral notebook, slowly filling with notes and ideas and jottings about how I run my business. Summer is usually a quiet time for my business. It gives me time to “mend the nets.” To look carefully […]


What is the difference between Ralph Lauren and Jenny Craig? Yes, one is a clothing and accessories line and the other centers on nutrition and weight loss. But more importantly, Ralph Lauren diversified its income stream by using licenses; Jenny Craig did so through franchises. With proper planning, small businesses can use licenses and franchises […]


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A sad tale of woe crossed my desk.  Seems that, a couple of months ago, an unsuspecting entrepreneur from Mexico bought into a U.S. franchise to import products to Mexico. She sent her 25 percent deposit (many thousands of dollars) to reserve the franchise for her city, but the franchisor cannot get the documents that she requires to […]


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Franchises can be an attractive way to start a business. There’s already a system in place; you know (if you’ve done your due diligence) it’s a proven, profitable model; and the franchisor provides you with ready resources. But “fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” said English poet Alexander Pope. And franchises can be […]