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Yes, they’re cumbersome, but don’t ignore the corporate formalities if you don’t want creditors poking into your personal assets. Congratulations! You’ve taken the important step of protecting your personal assets by forming a corporation or limited liability company. But just as giving birth is only the beginning of your responsibilities of caring for a baby, […]


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Lest my previous post be construed as just a plug to pay lawyer fees for no reason, here’s the primary reason that kind of corporate housekeeping is so important: You risk exposing your personal assets to creditors if you don’t do them. What? Wasn’t protecting your personal assets the whole point of forming an LLC […]


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Happy New Year. With the new year comes the sweeping out of the old, which is where your corporate housekeeping comes into play. Many entrepreneurs think their legal work is done once they’ve incorporated or formed a limited liability company. Not so. Most states’ statutes require you to compile a written record of your major […]

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Don’t ignore these 5 legal issues, or you might find yourself facing expensive, protracted litigation. It doesn’t take a genius to know that Grandma Sophie was right when she said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” You can see it easily when dealing with employees. According to a survey by Mercer, “The […]