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The best way to handle a lawsuit is to avoid getting into one.  Rare is the small business that has the funds set aside to pay for the lawyers (and possible judgment) of a lost case–heck, these companies often can’t afford to pay their owners a regular salary! So how do you keep lawsuits off […]


Post image for Lawyer Jokes: Did You Hear the One About the Hot-Air Balloon . . . ?

A little legal levity for a Friday afternoon. Enjoy! * * * * Advice from lawyers George and Lenny decide to cross North America in a hot-air balloon. However, neither was a particularly experienced balloonist, and Lenny’s mind quickly drifted from navigation to thoughts of how clouds look like cuddly little bunny rabbits. Upon realizing […]


OK, so I’m somewhat biased, but I think lawyers can make for great business partners.  We have a knack for detail-orientation that many entrepreneurs would rather gloss over.  We’re careful, read everything, and tend to be risk averse.  A perfect foil for the stereotypically free-spirited business owner. But sometimes, it’s not such a good idea, […]


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“Why can’t I handle my own patent/trademark/copyright filings?” you ask.  “I’m getting started on a shoestring–do I really need to spend the legal fees?” Go right ahead and DIY . . . but if you’re not on target about what you’ve done or how thoroughly you’ve handled your background research, you could find that you’ve […]


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Q: How much does a lawyer charge to look at a lease?  I am trying to figure out what is important.  I was hoping you might be able to give me some insight. A: Lawyers’ fees to review a lease generally depend on the amount of time it takes to do the job.  That, in […]


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Okay, I get it.  We’re a big ticket item.  We come with a bad reputation.  We can be nasty and ugly (although I’m kinda cute) and speak in a strange jargon . . . where it seems we’re deliberately trying to play intellectual one-upmanship games with you to let you know who’s the smartest guy/gal […]


Post image for Lawyers Get Conned, Too, By Fraudulent Cashier’s Checks

It’s been a while since I received one of those e-mails SCREAMING IN ALL CAPS from the Kingdom of Djibouti or Nigeria, or some such place, asking me, in the most solicitous of tones, to assist with a financial transaction. A money trade of sorts. Or to help dislodge some funds from a U.S. bank […]

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