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This is becoming a burgeoning issue – and I’ve just found myself on the victim’s side of it!! Thanks to the way set up my blog, I’m able to see some of the comments and trackbacks to follow where my blog content is ending up in cyberspace.I followed one trackback link to another site […]


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Think blogging’s all fun and games? Make sure what you’re doing is legal to keep your business and reputation in the clear. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is a blast. I should know; I have two blogs. The opportunity for expression is limitless–words, photos, videos, audio. Whatever technology develops, you can be sure that people […]


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I just returned from Miami Beach, where I spoke on the subject of “Social Media for Corporate Executives” with fellow (sister?) Entrepreneur blogger Lena West. [Check out her Tech Forward blog if you haven’t already.] Blogging is fun, blogging is new, blogging is strategic, and blogging raises hairs on the backs of the necks of […]


Don’t get me wrong:  blogging is a blast!  I should know – I have two of them:  Ask The Business Lawyer Blog and Making it Legal.  The opportunity for expression is limitless – words, photos, videos, audio . . . whatever technology can develop, you can be sure that people will find a way to […]