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There’s more to doing business with your nonprofit organization than just the disclosure required for “interested transactions” and avoiding a conflict of interest when making decisions on the organization’s behalf. As a board member, your status is similar to a trustee. The organization’s money is not yours to spend as you please. You are a […]

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A common suggestion for effective networking is “Get involved.” So we join organizations and nonprofit groups with the hope that, as we serve in a leadership capacity, we are also piquing the interest of others who might want to use our services–or be willing to refer us to others who do. When the opportunity does […]


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Q. :  I want to register a Charity in the USA. I’m a citizen of Nepal and currently residing in Nepal. To promote the charity and its presence in US I want to register it in USA. How can I go about this? A.:  When you register a charity in the United States, you actually […]